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The best freaking bar in the USA. Wally's has killing live music every night and there is no cover. It features a mixed crowd of college kids and locals and most often its totally packed. The music is so good I once went to Wally's every Thursday night to check out the latin jazz every night for almost a year. In that time I caught Roy Hargrove jamming along with the horn section from Eddie Palmieri's band. I also caught pianist Danilo Perez jamming with the house band along with killing bassist John Benitez. If you like live music you will love this place. I have been around the world and I still love Wally's more than anywhere else. SPECIAL NOTE TO MUSICIANS: Go on Thursday night for latin jazz and check out the drummer FRANCICSO MELA. He is sick!

Wally's Cafe on the Web


Grendle's Den Resturant and Bar is located in an old Harvard Fraternity House from the 1800's in Harvard Square. Grendel's Den is a no nonsense bar with really decent food. It's always crowded and that's because Monday thru Friday Grendel's offers 1/2 all food from 4:30pm-7:30pm and from 9pm-11:30pm(with the purchase of 1 drink). Grendel's Den has pretty awesome beer on tap and it's always interesting to watch Harvard people. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu and check out the Paulener Hepeviwen Beer on Tap.

Grendel's Den on the Net


Sounds morbid but Mount Auburn Cemetary is really a beautiful place to visit. Mount Auburn is possibly the nicest cemetary in the USA. It boasts amazing grounds with giant tree's and rolling hills. It is really big and it feels more like a park then a cemetary. There are some really interesting grave stones from way back and it is facinating to see the way weathly people buried themselves 100 years ago in comparison with traditions today. There is a newer wing to the cemetary thats not as exciting. The best kept secrect about Mount Auburn cemetary is that from May unitl October there is view tower called the George Washington Memorial that has some of the best views of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts. It's a watchtower thats perched atop a hill and its reaches several stories high with a mid level and top look out point. The view is amazing and it's really beautiful during fall when the trees are changing. Sunsets are really perfect there too. If you can make it out bring a camera and an hour or two. It's accessable via bus, car and since Boston is a small city I recomend it, by bike. Just take the Charles River Bike path past Harvard Square 1/2 mile and veer off to your right when you hit Mt. Auburn Hospital. When you hit the 5 way intersection take the hard left. An easier way is to follow Mt. Auburn street out of Harvard Square till you hit the Cemetary.

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