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Hooker Street:
Possibly the Greatest Dead End Street in Boston

Our Generation of Hooker House was born in the fall of 1997. Founded by Keith Hollis Ladinsky (me), Sean Mannion, Eric Baldwin, Emily Deschanel, Erica Leehrsen and Molly Lawless. Since then many of us have come and gone but the memory of all the times we had together remains. Speaking for myself(I only moved out of Hooker House 1 year ago, ending a 5 1/2 year stay), I will never forget the place. From our Halloween house parties, crazy neighbors, house dinners, jam sessions, block parties, sketchy and not so sketchy people crashing on Hooker couch and all around great times living in Boston. Hooker House of old lives forever in our memories and amazingly still lives on today!!!

Since 1997 Hooker House has hosted over 20 (God only knows how many!) different people crashing on the couch. Once in a while a random stranger would arrive at Hooker Street, a friend of a friend or something, and either enchant us or totally freak us out. Does any ex-Hooker remember Robbie's "buddy" from Maine. That dude had his "420" skills down pat! How about the "old guy" from the 1999 Halloween party who slept over in the rocking chair. The next morning we all realized that he a party leftover. When we politly woke him up, before we left for breakfast, he said he had to go back to the office in Harvard Square What the heck???? Most Hookers will remember Adrian Fuentes. Adrian was our next door neighbor whose wife kicked him out on the street in the dead of winter 2001. Poor Adrian had been sleeping on the streets of Allston until it occured to him to ask us for help. Adrian was a wicked nice guy. He taught us how to cook killer Guatemalen food("you gosta BURN that shit Mang!!") and also how to enjoy a bottle Ruple Vodka at 7:30am. Crazy. How about John the ex-Marine? Anyone... Ferris....?? John was an ex-Hooker, an ex-Marine Gulf War veteran and small time bike theif. How about John Waikus, the Mayor Hooker Street. THE KING OF THIS F$#KING TOWN! Has anyone seen the "Zombie" of Lower Allston?? Is he Hooker Street in the after life, anyone?

Today Hooker house still rocks and is occupied by an awesome crew of Hookers. None of the original members from 1997 still reside there. Actually, I moved back in in August! Seriously.


Anonymous Hooker Memories (Winter 2002)

..."Every Hooker knows the cardinal rule of the kitchen. And no, it’s not be clean or do your dishes. Please. The Hooker kitchen was filthy, everyone knows that. The whole three years I lived there, no one even once attempted to clean the “sketch area” in between the fridge and the stove. Furthermore, what in the world was in the cabinet under the microwave? Phone books? Silverware from previous Hooker generations? Boxes of cassette tapes? All of the above? But I digress. The cardinal rule of the Hooker kitchen? Never, never use the microwave and the toaster at the same time. Things explode. Lights dim. I, for one, never learned where the fusebox was. Never claim as your own the cupboard that has the pipe running through it. Everyone knows it has mice. Some of us have seen them, some of us deny they exist. Please ignore, for years, the fact that there is perscription medication for a cough Molly Lawless had in 1998 still in one of the kitchen cabinets. Never eat cookies that have been left out overnight unless you are positive who made them. If Sherry made them, fine. If you think Keith was involved, and there are green bits in the cookies because he thought he would just throw in whole leaves, I might leave them alone. Especially if you’re on your way to class. For god’s sake, label your food. We take no responsibility for stoned housemates or visitors who take a fancy to your pizza at three a.m. However, good luck finding a working pen. It might be tied to the wall. Or there might be a measuring cup tied there. Which people continue to drink out of. By the way, don’t ever turn on the light in the hallway by the stairs. It smells really bad, and we never really bothered to find out why. Perhaps something died in the fixture. It is a very Hooker-esque mentality to not actually figure out what the problem was, but instead to avoid the issue by never using the light. Even though the lightbulb actually worked. Unlike most of the ones in the chandelier in the living room. At parties, the most important thing is to have someone of the opposite sex in your bed at the end of it all. Extra points for multiple people in your bed. Fewer points if you were already going out with them. Kudos to anyone who makes out in the living room in full view of all the other Hookers. Of course, other bets can also be taken during parties. Check the inside of the bathroom mirror for stats. The bathroom at Hooker House was a continual issue. It was always the punchline when I told people how I lived: Six people. One bathroom. But you survive. You have very specific shower times in the morning that cannot be altered or everyone’s late to work. You get used to seeing everyone in bathrobes, underwear, towels. You hate that you consistently find hair on your soap. You ignore the rotted-out windowsill. And the tiles that make that squidgy sound. You come to terms with the fact that the door just does not lock. There are a few important bathroom rules. First, Hooker Street has an open door bathroom policy. If you are in the shower, anyone of either gender can come in and pee. But only pee! Doing number two while someone is showering is wicked nasty and the smell gets all caught up in the steam. Second, during parties, the Hooker bathroom is female only. The toilet fairy recommends that all boys use Hooker Park at the end of the street. Or, what the hell, piss on the side of the house. We’re not particular. Third, in case of emergency, always follow the “procedure”. Rules are posted above the toilet. You all know what I mean. In general, Hooker Street has few rules. Love your housemates. Drink up, smoke up, have fun, play music, talk, laugh, eat (sometimes well). People always ask, hey, what are you doing tonight? At Hooker Street, there’s no answer needed. There’s always a party going on at home...."




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