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Here is a killing jazz track of me playing rhodes and bass on Cannonball's "Jive Samba." This one features the legendary trumpet player Ron Miles and my buddy "Joely" Joel on Sax.

Jive Samba, MP3 16.4 Megs

Here is another killing track of me with The Mayors of Hooker Street playing Hammond B-3 on Greensleeves. Danny Schlessinger on Sax and Sean Mannion on Drums.

Greensleeves, MP3 3.2 Megs

Here is a pretty crazy live track from a show I did with Barnstorm in Highland, Il. I also co-wrote this tune with the rest of the band. It features me on Juno 106 and a Hammond M-3 , Jeremy Licter on Guitar; Bren Plummer on Bass and Sean Mannion on drums.

Chopped Log, MP3 5.2 Megs


Here is another pretty cool one of The Mayor's of Hooker Street Acoustic band playing our original "Mayor's Jam." Feanturning myself, Keith Ladinsky, on Italian Accordian; Sean Mannion on drums and Danny Schlessinger on sax.

Mayor's Jam, MP3 1.5 Megs