Crosscounty in an old van

Booklyn, New York.
It always helps to have good friends to send you off on a long trip!

Long Island, NY
Olga looking ready to get the heck out of New York.

Allentown, PA
Olga preparing our 1st lunch on the road. Veggie dogs warmed slightly on the Van's engine block(with a dash of road dust). It didn't work. We had to stop and use a microwave!

Ohio State Line
People are so nice out in Ohio! Stayed the night in Cambridge, Ohio.

Cambridge, Ohio
Woke up to a serious snow storm in Ohio. But it wasn't anything we couldn't handle. Hit the Taco Bell the night before for dinner and pounded a few Busch.

I-70, Ohio
The snow storm went away and the sun came out. A midwestern night's dream.

I-70, Indiana
Look who's driving the van! Olga took over after I couldn't take it anymore. All the truckers slowed to see who was behind the wheel.

Near Highland, IL
Seans town was a blast. We went to this bar called the Rail Shake Tavern and talk about a cheap date, two draft beers(Busch of course) were 1.70 total. Olga lucked out that night! hehehhe

El Reno, Oklahoma
We got up in time for the 9 course breakfast served at this Best Western. I am talking biscuits, gravy, eggs, toast, waffles, cereal, muffins, juice and a lot more. It was included the price of the room. God Bless the Bible Belt! Woke up to another snow storm on our way thru Texas to Alburquerque, New Mexico.

The Wild West, New Mexico
Finally, we started seeing some mountains. So we drank some beers on the side of the road in celebration!

Route 66, New Mexico
Wow. Olga wanted to kill me for making her pose in this old looted store in New Mexico.

I-40, Arizona
Olga is getting psyched for Califonia.

Flagstaff, Arizona
We saw a bunch of sunsets while we were heading west. This was one of the most beautiful we saw!

Joshua Tree National Park, California
We were checking out the Cholla Jumping Catcus garden and figured out quickly why they are called jumping catus....because when you step on one it ends up sticking to you everwhere. The spines are so sharp they go right through your the bottom of your boots. And to add insult to injury the spines have microscopic barbs! Watch out!

Joshua Tree National Park, CA
Saw a spectacular sunset as we put back a few Busch in celebration of our successful arrival in Southern California. Did I metion that my van made it with no problems at all! 220,000 Miles on the engine!

Joshua Tree National Park, CA
Olga enjoying a fine American beer among the jumbo rocks in Joshua Tree.

Santa Monica Pier, California
What an awesome trip! All I can say is that we made it! Look how nice the weather is out here! People think its cold out here when its in the 50's! I don't think it will get that warm in Boston for 2 more months!