BARNSTORM, Sean "buzzy" Mannion, drums; Jeremy Lichter, guitar and vocals; Keith Ladinsky, rhodes and Wurilizer Organ; Bren "tapatio" Plummer, and our #1 fan Michael " 'Caz' monzanga big balls" Casavant. Summer, 1999.

1. Keep Your Head Down, MP3 7.4 Megs

2. Just Get Out, MP3 5 Megs

3. Park Girl, MP3 6.1 Megs

4. Some Other Day, MP3 6 Megs

5. Diary of a Working Man, MP3 6.4 Megs

6.Going Down, MP3 7.3 Megs

7. Normal Guy, MP3 5.7 Megs

8. Killing Me, MP3 4.6 Megs

9. You'll Fare Well, MP3 6.4 Megs


It's hard to write about this band considering we put out a great record that my father recorded for us ( Did I mention that my dad is a master recording Engineer)and did nothing with it, besides place a few around the house as beer coasters. People who witnessed us play in 1999 were true witness to a great band. Since we don't play any more you may be asking yourself why are you writing about it, it's history. True, but this band was a great experience for all of us. A learning experience for us in the ways of the rise and fall of a great group. It's all part of the music biz which is a business that, in case you don't know, sucks.

Barnstorm was a post-modern rock band. We are killing cats from very different styles. Jazz, blues, latin, soul and pop. Jeremey Lichter, or Jeremy Kane as he called himself on the CD, is a great singer and songwriter and very talented blues guitarist. He brought the pop element to the band and most of the tunes as well. Jeremy was most comfortable at performing his songs via a singer songerwrite medium of acoustic guitiar and vocals.

Towards the end of college at the NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC, in Boston, where we all met and attended college, we got together and started jamming Jer's tunes. One thing led to another and we were playing 2 times a week on the "rock," my affectionate name for Martha's Vineyard ( The Los Angeles of the East). Half the time we would play covers and orginals and covers on Thursday nights at the Lampost, in Oak Bluffs. On tuesday night we would double as "the foxy ladies" downstairs at the Rareduck as a Jimi Hendrix cover band.

Things got off the ground for us in the fall of 1999. After a summer chalked full of gigs all over New England from the Cape to Gloucester, MA we were ready for a CD. My dad heard us in october 1999 in Boston and agreed to record us in Los Angeles if we could afford to get out there ( another story entirely). Anyways, we got to LA made and a really great sounding CD and never did anything with it. Jeremy quit the band before the CD's came out to us in Boston. It was a real shame considering the effort we put into it. Also, considering I looked at Billboard Magaizine yesterday and noticed a band, who is very good but we could have burried them with more experience, MAROON 5 who we played a double bill with at the 14 Below in Santa Monica, CA. in the winter or 2000, is the #7 record in the US! Yikes!

Anyways, you live you learn. My dad a great job recording and mixing our CD. Thanks Dad! For what its worth, please enjoy. I would love any comments you have about the CD.

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